After a Long Hiatus

Potential Allies?

Session 2

  • When Gilligan, Grizzlor and Garbon enter Lord Padraig’s hall, he is in audience with the 3 new characters: Patrin, Muslok, and Minandris
  • Gilligan bluffs the lord into thinking he’s here on the king’s business as an auditor.
  • All parties agree to a contract where the two groups will join together to clear out the infestation of kobolds. They will split 300g between all parties when this has been completed.
  • Gilligan and Minandris search around the keep for secret doors – they find nothing.
  • They head southeast after leaving the town and come upon a father searching frantically for his child (Billy).
  • The party arrives at the farm from where Billy disappeared. Garbon speaks with Billy’s mother. The party finds tracks leading further to the southeast, which they follow.
  • The party gets into a fight with 6 kobolds outside of a cave
  • Once the kobolds are defeated, the party enters the cave only to get into another fight. They eventually kill all of the creatures, including the large goblin Irontooth



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