After a Long Hiatus

Burial Site

A fight took place at the burial site where the heroes prevailed.

The dragon skull had just been found when they arrived
Gilligan eventually grabbed the skull just as Kalarel arrived
Douven Stahl was found in the tent by Patrin
At the end of the fight, Kalarel mentioned he’ll be seeing them soon and faded away

Enemies Revealed
  • Gurr is added into the party as if he’s been there the whole time
  • The session opens with the party standing over the dead body of Irontooth.
  • As they explore the cave, they come across a teleportation circle in the northern-most room. They use a torch to activate it.
  • Gilligan finds a note on Irontooth concerning spies in Winterhaven, it is signed with a “N”.
  • A richly dressed man slowly comes into view. He is dressed in dark blue and purple robes with silver trim. He is also wearing a skull-cap. He casts a spell and the party is held fast by skeletal arms that come up through the floor. The man then grabs both Minandris and Grizzlor and takes them back through the teleportation circle. He casts one last spell before disappearing, causing Irontooth to awake as a zombie
  • The party promptly runs away only to later return and kill the monster
  • They collect the treasure and the heads of the kobolds to use as proof for their contract
  • They make their way back to Winterhaven and take a much-needed rest.
  • Lord Paidrig is waiting for the party in the common room by the time they start waking up
  • The party is paid 300g per the contract
  • Lord Paidrig is intimidated, cajoled, and threatened into divulging the little information he knows. Valthrun, the town’s wizard, comes in and fills in the rest of the details. The party is given a map in order to help them find both the ruined keep and the location of a burial site where a dragon skull supposedly resides.
  • The session ends with the party setting off for the burial site.
Potential Allies?
Session 2
  • When Gilligan, Grizzlor and Garbon enter Lord Padraig’s hall, he is in audience with the 3 new characters: Patrin, Muslok, and Minandris
  • Gilligan bluffs the lord into thinking he’s here on the king’s business as an auditor.
  • All parties agree to a contract where the two groups will join together to clear out the infestation of kobolds. They will split 300g between all parties when this has been completed.
  • Gilligan and Minandris search around the keep for secret doors – they find nothing.
  • They head southeast after leaving the town and come upon a father searching frantically for his child (Billy).
  • The party arrives at the farm from where Billy disappeared. Garbon speaks with Billy’s mother. The party finds tracks leading further to the southeast, which they follow.
  • The party gets into a fight with 6 kobolds outside of a cave
  • Once the kobolds are defeated, the party enters the cave only to get into another fight. They eventually kill all of the creatures, including the large goblin Irontooth
On the road...
  • Adventurers on their way to Winterhaven due to rumors of Death Cultists in the area
  • Attacked on the road coming in to town
  • Garbon talks to several members in the town, no one knows anything about any kind of cultists
  • Some members seem affronted at the thought there would be any kind of people like that in the area
  • Gilligan bluffs the local tailor who creates a “nobles” disguise for him using royal colors.
  • They break into the library in the local manor to see if they can quickly research anything regarding local cult activity
  • They are soon discovered by a young attendant, who is bluffed by Gilligan and convinces the child that they need an audience with the local lord.

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